Post-COVID – a new reality? Issues and solutions for a well-functioning labour market

Vortragende:JOHN HURLEY, Senior Research Manager Eurofound
TINA WEBER, Research Manager, Eurofound
STEVE KAPSOS, Head of the Data Production and Analysis Unit at the International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva
Moderation:BARBARA GERSTENBERGER, Head of Working Life Unit, Eurofound

The session will start with a brief introduction by Eurofound experts and guest on recent trends on the European labour market pre-COVID, explaining the increasingly important concept of ‘compound non-standard work’ and the therewith related employment and social challenges. This is followed by a presentation of Eurofound survey data on the impact of COVID-19 on European citizens and workers, including aspects like the financial situation, employment status but also findings like trust, worries and optimism. A third intervention will provide a snapshot of public and social partner-based support instruments addressing the arising labour market issues before and during the health crisis. This will lay ground for an interactive discussion with guest expert speaker and the online audience about shortfalls and ways forward for public policy to support well-functioning labour markets.