UNI Europa 

UNI Europa The European Services Workers Union

Headquartered in Brussels, UNI Europa is the voice of 7 million services workers coming together from 272 national trade unions in 50 countries. We represent sectors that constitute the backbone of economic and social life in Europe: Agency workers, Care, Cleaning/Security, commerce, Finance, Gaming, Graphical & Packaging, Hair & Beauty, ICTS & Related Services, Media & Entertainment, Post & Logistics, Property Services and Tourism. 

Increasingly, the companies in our sectors operate across borders. Trade union action across borders is essential to ensure workers’ interests are on an equal footing with those of the bosses. Using strength in one place to build a strong workers’ voice across the region is vital for the sustainability of our movement over the long term.

Through UNI Europa, the unions of workers in the services sectors coordinate to build workers’ power. With their joint organising efforts, they work together to embed rooted and inclusive structures for durable progress from the workplace up. They advocate together within different institutional spaces, including the EU, to ensure policies favour working people.

UNI Europa has been actively promoting the services’ workers’ voice in the European debate on Artificial Intelligence, algorithmic management, surveillance and remote work. More information on these issues can be found here:






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