Back to the Dark Ages? The rise of a new retail model (EN)

Vortragende:Steve Rolf, ESRC Researcher Fellow at the Digital Futures at Work (Digit) Research Centre, University of Sussex
Frank van Bennekom, Representative Young & United at the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions
Sacha Garben, College of Europe
Janine Berg, Senior Economist, International Labour Organization
Moderation:Justin Nogarede, Senior Digital Policy Analyst, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

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Dark stores and Q-commerce (quick commerce) are seeing a meteoric rise across Europe. Mainly in cities, Gorillaz or Getir-riders are joining the food couriers. But little is known about the business models involved, the working conditions and status of workers in the sector, and opportunities for labour organizing. Is this a substantial innovation with clear benefits, or is the sector relying on an unsustainable squeezing of low-paid and poorly protected workers? In this session, we want to share some early insights and hypotheses of a cross-country research project on this phenomenon and look at what this means for policies and strategies to ensure fair work.

Program partners: FEPS/UNI Europa