Is AI becoming the second boss? A workers’ perspective on algorithm management at the workplace (EN)

Vortragende:Oliver Röthig, UNI Global Union
Oliver Philipp, FES Competence Centre ‘Future of Work’
Birte Dedden, UNI Europa
Kim van Sparrentak, MEP, GroenLinks
Andrew Pakes, Deputy General Secretary at Prospect (UK)
Anne Mollen, Senior Policy & Advocacy Manager, AlgorithmWatch Germany
Moderation:Mirko Herberg, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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We are in the midst of the digital transformation, which also has repercussions for workers and their workplace. Algorithms and algorithmic management (AM) play a key role in this process. AM tools are mainly used in the hiring and recruitment process; for performance management and everyday working decision making. In general, AM is a diverse set of technological tools and techniques to remotely manage workforces, relying on data collection and surveillance of workers to enable automated or semi-automated decision-making. We would like to take the opportunity at Labora.A 2022 to talk about the impact of AM at the workplace from a workers’ perspective and to discuss the results from the UNI Europa – FES survey on Algorithmic Management; giving answers to important questions, such as:

  • What is the awareness of workers of the use and the challenges/risks of AM tools?
  • How do employers prevent or mitigate the risks generated by AM use?
  • What are the experiences with the actions/activities of trade unions to prevent/mitigate the risks generated by AM use?
  • What are the expectations towards employers to prevent and mitigate the risks generated by AM?
  • What are the expectations towards trade unions regarding prevention and mitigation of the risks generated by AM use?

Program partners: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Competence Center ‚Future of Work’/UNI Europa