Worker Power in the Tech Sector: How organized workers are Making a Difference

Vortragende:Adrian Durtschi, Head of UNI SCORE (Strategic Campaigns, Organizing, Research and Education)
Oliver Hauser, ver.di Berlin (Fintech & Tech)
Phoebe Schmidt, Contentful (Vice-Chair of Works Council Berlin)
Florentin Iancu, President of SITT Union Romania
Moderation:Karri Lybeck, Senior Coordinator, UNI Global Union Tech&Games

Join us for a panel session where you will find out about the reasons why tech workers are unionizing. Hear from ver.di and SITT/Romania on how they are supporting tech workers and why employees at a particular tech company decided to unionize and form a works council in Germany.

Many tech workers face challenges such as low wages, harassment and surveillance. That’s why they are organizing in unions and works councils to improve their working conditions and have a voice. In this panel session, you will hear from ver.di and SITT/Romania, two trade unions that support tech workers to form unions and works councils. You will also hear from employees at a famous tech company who have recently unionized and formed a works council. You will learn about the history, benefits and strategies of tech worker organizing, as well as the real stories and achievements of organized tech workers.

UNI Global Union
Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di)